Introduction to the World of Semiconductors

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Course Description: By purchasing The Semiconductor Industry at a Glance course, you will get three free courses.  They are Intro to Semiconductor, Engineering Design Process and Microchips & Solar Chips. This three-course bundle provides new industry professionals and younger learners with the foundational knowledge that they need to be successful in their semiconductor careers. It’s an exploratory course series that invites you to take a quick look at the industry and its ecosystem, consider potential career paths, and understand the basics of semiconductors.  The courses are listed below along with their associated learning objectives.   


Course Objectives:   

The Semiconductor Industry at a Glance  

  • List the segments that make up the electronics and semiconductor industry.  
  • Explain how innovation has impacted electronics technologies.  
  • List SEMI’s Tech Communities that support industry members.   
  • Define the value that the electronics industry has on national and global markets. 


 Introduction to Semiconductor

  • Define conductor, insulator, and semiconductor.  
  • Define Doping.  
  • List the two types of semiconductor materials formed with doping.  
  • Name the current carriers in N and P-type material.  
  • Explain how current flows in semiconductor material.  


 Engineering Design Process

  • Explain the meaning of the engineering design process.
  • List a series of steps in the engineering design process.
  • Describe each step of the engineering design process.


Microchips and Solar Chips

  • Explain what microchips and solar chips are.
  • List the series of steps in the microchip-making process.
  • Describe each step of the microchip-making process. 


Course Duration: 

90 minutes

Target Audience:  

The target audient includes undergraduate and graduate students, doctoral candidates, and professional with a basic understanding of science, computer operations, and semiconductor technology. It also encompasses individuals who are new to the field or contemplating entering it.

 Requisite Knowledge:  



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