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Single crystal silicon wafers are utilized for essentially all integrated circuits and many other semiconductor devices. To permit common processing equipment to be used in multiple device fabrication lines, it is essential for the wafer dimensions to be standardized.

In addition, as technology advances to smaller and smaller dimensions for the elements of high-density integrated circuits, it has become of interest to standardize additional properties of the wafers.

This Specification provides the essential dimensional and certain other common characteristics of silicon wafers, including polished wafers as well as substrates for epitaxial and certain other kinds of silicon wafers.

This Specification covers ordering information and certain requirements for high-purity (electronic grade), single crystal polished silicon wafers used in semiconductor device and integrated circuit manufacturing. Such wafers are usually sliced from cylindrical single-crystal ingots that have been ground to a uniform diameter prior to slicing. This Specification also covers ordering information and certain requirements for electronic grade silicon wafers intended for use as substrates (or starting wafers) for other kinds of wafers, including epitaxial, annealed, and SOI wafers.

Standardized dimensional requirements are provided for a large number of categories of standardized polished wafers as listed in the tables in § 6.

Values given for thickness, total thickness variation (TTV), bow, and warp apply only to wafers prior to application of back surface films, extrinsic gettering treatments, or other thermal treatments.

This Specification applies specifically to prime silicon wafers with at least one chem-mechanically polished surface. Ground, lapped, and unpolished wafers are not covered but this Specification may provide guidance in connection with their procurement.

This Specification also provides guides for the specification of 300 and 450 mm diameter prime silicon wafers for the 32, 22, and 16 nm technology generations. These are included in Related Information 1.

This Specification does not cover requirements for the following related types of silicon materials and wafers:

  • Polycrystalline silicon (see SEMI M16 or JEITA EM-3601A),

  • Epitaxial wafers (see SEMI M62),

  • Epitaxial wafers with buried layer (see SEMI M61),

  • Test wafers (see SEMI M8),

  • Premium wafers (see SEMI M24),

  • Reclaimed wafers (see SEMI M38),

  • Annealed wafers (see SEMI M57),

  • SOI wafers (see SEMI M41, SEMI M71, or JEITA EM-3603B), and

  • Solar-grade silicon wafers (see SEMI PV22).

They do, however, provide the ordering information for test, premium, and reclaimed wafers, as well as the ordering information for the polished substrates and starting wafers used to prepare epitaxial, annealed, and SOI wafers.

For reference purposes, U.S. customary units shall be used for wafers of 2 inch and 3 inch nominal diameters, and SI (system international, commonly called metric) units for 100 mm and larger diameter wafers.

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SEMI MF1530 — Test Method for Measuring Flatness, Thickness, and Total Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact Scanning
SEMI MF1535 — Test Method for Carrier Recombination Lifetime in Silicon Wafers by Noncontact Measurement of Photoconductivity Decay by Microwave Reflectance
SEMI MF1617 — Test Method for Measuring Surface Sodium, Aluminum, Potassium, and Iron on Silicon and Epi Substrates by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SEMI MF1619 — Test Method for Measurement of Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon Wafers by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy with p-Polarized Radiation Incident at the Brewster Angle
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