M00600 - SEMI M6 - Specification for Silicon Wafers for Use as Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Volume(s): Materials
Language: English
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NOTICE: This Document was balloted and approved for withdrawal in 2012. It was replaced by SEMI PV22.


NOTICE: This Document replaces the previous version of SEMI M6 along with SEMI M6.1, SEMI M6.2, SEMI M6.3, SEMI M6.4 and SEMI M6.5 in their entirety.


This Specification covers the requirements for silicon wafers for use in photovoltaic (PV) solar cell manufacture.

The dimensional characteristics, crystalline defects and commonly used wafer electronic properties are described. Two classes of crystalline silicon materials are recognized: monocrystalline and multicrystalline.


The specification recognizes only two discrete material forms monocrystalline and multicrystalline. In the monocrystalline form one crystallographic orientation describes the whole wafer and in the multicrystalline case there is more than one crystallographic orientation present.


SI (System International) units are used throughout.


SEMI Standards and Safety Guidelines (purchase separately)

SEMI M1 — Specifications for Polished Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers

SEMI M59 — Terminology for Silicon Technology

SEMI MF26 — Test Methods for Determining the Orientation of a Semiconductive Single Crystal

SEMI MF28 — Test Methods for Minority-Carrier Lifetime in Bulk Germanium and Silicon by Measurement of Photoconductivity Decay

SEMI MF42 — Test Methods for Conductivity Type of Extrinsic Semiconducting Materials

SEMI MF43 — Test Methods for Resistivity of Semiconductor Materials

SEMI MF84 — Test Method for Measuring Resistivity of Silicon Wafers with an In-Line Four-Point Probe

SEMI MF391 — Test Methods for Minority Carrier Diffusion Length in Extrinsic Semiconductors by Measurement of Steady-State Surface Photovoltage

SEMI MF398 — Test Method for Majority Carrier Concentration in Semiconductors by Measurement of Wavenumber or Wavelength of the Plasma Resonance Minimum

SEMI MF533 — Test method for Thickness and Thickness Variation of Silicon Wafers

SEMI MF657 — Test Method for Measuring Warp and Total Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Noncontact Scanning

SEMI MF673 — Test Methods for Measuring Resistivity of Semiconductor Wafers or Sheet Resistance of Semiconductor Films with a Noncontact Eddy-Current Gage

SEMI MF1188 — Test Method for Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption With Short Baseline

SEMI MF1391 — Test Method for Substitutional Atomic Carbon Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption

SEMI MF1535 — Test Method for Carrier Recombination Lifetime in Silicon Wafers by Noncontact Measurement of Photoconductivity Decay by Microwave Reflectance

SEMI MF1619 — Test Method for Measurement of Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon Wafers by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy with p-Polarized Radiation Incident at the Brewster Angle

SEMI MF2074 — Guide for Measuring Diameter of Silicon and Other Semiconductor Wafers


Revision History

SEMI M6-1108 (Withdrawn 0712, replaced by SEMI PV22)

SEMI M6-1108 (technical revision)

SEMI M6-0707 (technical revision)

SEMI M6-0307 (technical revision)

SEMI M6-1000 (technical revision)

SEMI M6-82 (first published)

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