SEMI M16 - Specification for Polycrystalline Silicon -

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Revision: SEMI M16-1110 (Reapproved 1121) - Current



This Specification is intended for use in procurement of polycrystalline silicon for growth of electronic grade monocrystalline silicon ingots. Such ingots are sliced into wafers that are subsequently used for the production of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, and other microelectronic components including microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

This Specification covers requirements for polycrystalline silicon (poly) used to produce single crystal silicon by either the modified Czochralski (Cz) or float zone (FZ) crystal growth technique for applications in the semiconductor device industry.


Form and dimensional characteristics are the only standardized properties set forth below. A purchase specification may include requirements for additional physical properties as listed in this Specification, together with test methods suitable for determining their magnitudes.


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SEMI M59 — Terminology for Silicon Technology

SEMI MF1708 — Practice for Evaluation of Granular Polysilicon by Melter-Zoner Spectroscopies

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SEMI MF1724 — Test Method for Measuring Surface Metal Contamination of Polycrystalline Silicon by Acid Extraction-Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy


Revision History

SEMI M16-1110 (Reapproved 1121)

SEMI M16-1110 (Reapproved 1015)

SEMI M16-1110 (technical revision)

SEMI M16-1103 (technical revision)

SEMI M16-1296 (technical revision)

SEMI M16-89 (first published)

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