M07600 - SEMI M76 - 開発用直径450 mmシリコン単結晶鏡面ウェーハの仕様

Volume(s): Materials
Language: Japanese
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

NOTICE: This translation is a REFERENCE COPY ONLY. If differences should exist between the English version and a translation in any other language, the English version is the official and authoritative version.

免責事項: このSEMIスタンダードは,投票により作成された英語版が正式なものであり,日本語版は日本の利用者各位の便宜のために作成したものです。万が一英語と日本語とに差異がある場合には英語版記載内容が優先されます。



本スタンダードは,global Silicon Wafer Committeeで技術的に承認されている。現版は2010430日,global Audits and Reviews Subcommitteeにて発行が承認された。20106月にwww.semi.orgで入手可能となる。


この仕様が適用される開発用ウェーハは,直径450 mm単結晶シリコンウェーハ上に高集積ICを生産するのに必要な製造プロセス,製造装置および評価装置の研究開発に使うことを意図している。直径450 mmデバイス用(プライム)ウェーハの形状仕様をサポートするのに必要な測定法や測定技術を築くためにも使える。


開発に必要とされる450 mm単結晶シリコン鏡面ウェーハの形状と結晶方位をこの仕様は対象とする。本文書は,デバイス用ウェーハの形状仕様およびテクノロジーレベルに固有なガイドラインに取って代わられるべきである。






450 mmウェーハキャリア,ロードポート,自動材料搬送システム(AMHS)およびロボットなどの450 mm半導体装置開発に使われる直径450 mmメカニカルハンドリングウェーハの仕様はSEMI M74として既に出版されている。




参考のために,一般にメトリックと呼ばれるSI (System International)単位を使われなければならない。


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E45 — Test Method for the Determination of Inorganic Contamination from Mini Environments Using Vapor Phase Decomposition-Total Reflection X-Ray Spectroscopy (VPD/TXRF), VPD-Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (VPD/AAS), or Inductively Couples Plasma-Mass Spectroscopy (VPD/ICP-MS)
SEMI M1 — Specifications for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers
SEMI M12 — Specification for Serial Alphanumeric Marking of the Front Surface of Wafers
SEMI M13 — Specification for Alphanumeric Marking of Silicon Wafers
SEMI M20 — Practice for Establishing a Wafer Coordinate System
SEMI M33 — Test Method for the Determination of Residual Surface Contamination on Silicon Wafers by Means of Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TXRF)
SEMI M43 — Guide for Reporting Wafer Nanotopography
SEMI M59 — Terminology for Silicon Technology
SEMI M67 — Practice for Determining Wafer Near-Edge Geometry from a Measured Thickness Data Array Using the ESFQR, ESFQD and ESBIR Metrics
SEMI M68 — Practice for Determining Wafer Near-Edge Geometry from a Measured Height Data Array Using a Curvature Metric, ZDD
SEMI M70 — Practice for Determining Wafer-Near-Edge Geometry Using Partial Wafer Site Flatness
SEMI M73 — Test method for Extracting Relevant Characteristics from Measured Wafers Edge Profiles
SEMI M74 — Specification for 450 mm Diameter Mechanical Handling Polished Wafers
SEMI MF26 — Test Methods for Determining the Orientation of a Semiconductive Single Crystal
SEMI MF42 — Test Methods for Conductivity Type of Extrinsic Semiconducting Materials
SEMI MF81 — Test Method for Measuring Radial Resistivity Variation on Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF523 — Practice for Unaided Visual Inspection of Polished Silicon Wafer Surfaces
SEMI MF533 — Test Method for Thickness and Thickness Variation of Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF534 — Test Method for Bow of Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF673 — Test Methods for Measuring Resistivity of Semiconductor Wafers or Sheet Resistance of Semiconductor Films with a Noncontact Eddy-Current Gage
SEMI MF951 — Test Method for Determination of Radial Interstitial Oxygen Variation in Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF1152 — Test Method for Dimensions of Notches on Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF1188 — Test Method for Interstitial Atomic Oxygen Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption with Short Baseline
SEMI MF1366 — Test Method for Measuring Oxygen Concentration in Heavily Doped Silicon Substrates by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SEMI MF1389 — Test Method for Photoluminescence Analysis of Single Crystal Silicon for III-V Impurities
SEMI MF1390 — Test Method for Measuring Warp on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact Scanning
SEMI MF1451 — Test Method for Measuring Sori on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact Scanning
SEMI MF1530 — Test Method for Measuring Flatness, Thickness, and Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact Scanning
SEMI MF1617 — Test Method for Measuring Surface Sodium, Aluminum, and Potassium on Silicon and Epi Substrates by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SEMI MF1619 — Test Method for Measurement of Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon Wafers by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy with p-Polarized Radiation Incident at the Brewster Angle
SEMI MF1809 — Guide for Selection and Use for Etching Solutions to Delineate Structural Defects in Silicon
SEMI MF2074 — Guide for Measuring Diameter of Silicon and Other Semiconductor Wafers
SEMI T3 — Specifications for Wafer Box Labels
SEMI T7 — Specification for Back Surface Marking of Double-Side Polished Wafers with a Two-Dimensional Matrix Code Symbol

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