M08300 - SEMI M83 - Test Method for Determination of Dislocation Etch Pit Density in Monocrystals of III-V Compound Semiconductors

Volume(s): Materials
Language: English
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The purpose of this Document is to specify a test method for determination of the dislocation etch pit density of monocrystals and wafers of the III-V compound semiconductors GaAs, InP and GaP.

This Test Method covers the determination of dislocation etch pit density on round test slices and commercial wafers of III-V compound semiconductors using optical microscopy for identification and registration of dislocation etch pits.


The dislocation etch pit density is used as a measure for the dislocation density or the crystallographic perfection of a crystal.


This Test Method describes methods for preparation of slices and wafers of the III-V compound semiconductors GaAs, InP, and GaP with {100} or {111} surfaces by structural etching. These etching procedures are performed to reveal dislocations by formation of etch pits on the surface of the test specimens.


The described methods for identification and registration of etch pits as well as the procedures for evaluation can be applied also to monocrystalline semiconductor slices or wafers of other materials or orientations, provided that there are suitable structural etching procedures available.


This Test Method is applicable to material with dislocation densities up to 200,000 cm−2. The resistivity and conductivity type of the material is irrelevant.


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