SEMI M84 - Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers for Gallium Nitride-On-Silicon Applications -

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Revision: SEMI M84-0414E - Current



This Standard was technically approved by the Silicon Wafer Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on January 24, 2014. Available at and in October 2017; originally published April 2014.


E This Standard was editorially modified in November 2017. A change was made to correct a nonconforming title per the Procedure Manual, Appendix 4.


Single crystal (monocrystalline) silicon wafers are utilized for essentially all integrated circuits and many other semiconductor devices. Gallium nitride on single crystal silicon wafers represents emerging markets with applications such as high brightness-light emitting diodes (HB-LED) or high-frequency power devices. At present, the specifications for silicon wafer substrates requested by customers of such wafers differ widely. To permit common processing and metrology equipment to be used in multiple device fabrication lines, it is essential for key wafer properties to be standardized. These Specifications provide the essential dimensions and certain other common characteristics of polished single crystal silicon wafers for gallium nitride-on-silicon applications.


Because both applications require the full range of thickness and edge profile specifications, there is no distinction between the two types of applications in these Specifications.


These Specifications cover ordering information and certain requirements for high-purity, single crystal polished silicon wafers used for gallium nitride-on-silicon applications.


Specifications for dimensional characteristics and selected other properties are provided for three types of single crystal polished silicon wafers:

•150 mm flatted polished single crystal silicon wafers with secondary flat,

•150 mm flatted polished single crystal silicon wafers without secondary flat, and

•200 mm notched polished single crystal silicon wafers.


Values given for thickness, total thickness variation (TTV), bow, and warp apply only to wafers prior to application of back surface films, extrinsic gettering treatments, or other thermal treatments.


These Specifications apply specifically to prime silicon wafers with at least one chemical-mechanically polished surface. Ground, lapped, and unpolished wafers are not covered in these specifications but they may provide guidance in connection with their procurement.


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