SEMI M89 - Test Method for Recombination Lifetime of the Epilayer of the Silicon Epitaxial Wafer (p/p+, n/n+) by the Short Wavelength Excitation Microwave Photoconductive Decay Method -

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In recent years, ULSI and other devices have been increasingly miniaturized and integrated. As a result, high-tech devices use more and more epitaxial wafers (p/p+, n/n+) which have substrates with lower resistivity, because epitaxial wafers are advantageous over other types of silicon wafers in several respects. For example, their features include integrity of active region of device, gettering capacity, resistance for latch up, etc. On the other hand, epitaxial wafers are feared to present serious problems in their manufacturing process, such as heavy metal contamination and defect formation in epilayers. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the measurement method for recombination lifetime as a means of quality evaluation of epitaxial wafer contamination, and crystal defects etc.

This Standard specifies the measurement method for recombination lifetime in epilayer of silicon epitaxial wafer (epitaxial wafer; p/p+[++], n/n+[n++]) by microwave photoconductive decay method using short wavelength excitation light source (the short wavelength excitation µ-PCD method).

For evaluation of an epilayer, it is necessary to confine excess carriers in an epilayer. Therefore, samples of the epitaxial silicon wafers should have p/p+ (++) or n/n+ (++) structure.

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Revision History

SEMI M89-0721 (first published)

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