SEMI MF42 - Test Method for Conductivity Type of Extrinsic Semiconducting Materials -

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Revision: SEMI MF42-0316 (Reapproved 0921) - Current



The determination of conductivity type and the presence of junctions in semiconductors is important in processing or inspection of semiconducting materials for device fabrication as well as in research and development.

This Test Method covers four procedures that are widely used for making routine measurements.

This Test Method covers the determination of the conductivity type of extrinsic semiconductors. While explicit details are given for germanium and silicon, inclusion of other extrinsic materials such as gallium arsenide and indium antimonide should be feasible. For the latter compounds, however, applicability has not been formally verified by round-robin tests. Determinations can be made most reliably on homogeneous bulk material, but these test methods may also be used to map regions of different conductivity type on the surfaces of inhomogeneous specimens. These test methods have not been tested on layered structures, such as epitaxial layers. Measurements on these structures may give erroneous indications of conductivity type.

Four test methods are described:

Test Method A — Hot-Probe Thermal EMF Conductivity-Type Test.

Test Method B — Cold-Probe Thermal EMF Conductivity-Type Test.

Test Method C — Point-Contact Rectification Conductivity-Type Test.

Test Method D — Type-All system operating in either of two modes: Rectification Conductivity-Type Mode and Thermal EMF Conductivity-Type Mode.

Experience has shown that Test Method A (hot-probe) gives dependable results in n- and p-type silicon having room-temperature resistivity up to 1000 Ω·cm.

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Revision History

SEMI MF42-0316 (Reapproved 0921)

SEMI MF42-0316 (technical revision)

SEMI MF42-1105 (Reapproved 0611)

SEMI MF42-1105 (technical revision)

SEMI MF42-02 (first SEMI publication)

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