SEMI MF154 - Guide for Identification of Structures and Contaminants Seen on Specular Silicon Surfaces -

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Revision: SEMI MF154-1105 (Reapproved 1221) - Current



The purpose of this Guide is to list, illustrate, and provide reference for various characteristic features and contaminants that are seen on highly specular silicon wafers.


Ambiguities and uncertainties regarding surface defects may be resolved by reference to this Guide.


There is close alignment between this Guide and common specifications used for the purchase of silicon wafers.

This Guide contains a compilation of the most commonly observed singularly discernible structures on specular silicon surfaces.


Recommended practices for delineation and observation of these artifacts are referenced. The artifacts described in this Guide are intended to parallel and support the content of the specification form for order entry in SEMI M1, SEMI M57, and other silicon wafer specifications.


These artifacts and common synonyms are arranged alphabetically in Tables 1 and 2 and illustrated in Figures 1 through 79.


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Revision History

SEMI MF154-1105 (Reapproved 1221)

SEMI MF154-1105 (Reapproved 0316)

SEMI MF154-1105 (Reapproved 0611)

SEMI MF154-1105 (technical revision)

SEMI MF154-0305 (technical revision)

SEMI MF154-02 (first SEMI publication)

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