MF067200 - SEMI MF672 - Guide for Measuring Resistivity Profiles Perpendicular to the Surface of a Silicon Wafer Using a Spreading Resistance Probe

Volume(s): Silicon Materials & Process Control
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)


The resistivity profile of a silicon wafer perpendicular to its surface is frequently a necessary or useful property of the wafer.


The measurement of resistivity profile by means of a spreading resistance probe is a complex procedure, with a number of commonly accepted options for carrying out the component measurements. This Guide describes a range of choices, consistent with good practice, for the electronic configuration, type of specimen preparation, and method for measuring bevel angle. Items not specified by this Guide are to be agreed upon by the parties to the test, usually from a specified set of choices in the context of a general restriction. The measurement of bevel angle is particularly difficult to specify, as the selection of an appropriate method depends not only on the range of angle measured but also on the quality of the instrumentation available for that method. Although ideally the beveled surface and the original surface should be two planes intersecting along a straight line, the actual geometry may differ from this ideal further complicating the measurement. These points are recognized in the section on limitations and in Appendix 1 and associated references on the bevel-angle measurement.


This Guide extends the procedures of SEMI MF525 to depth profiling.


The procedures in this Guide can be used for process control, research and development, and materials acceptance purposes, but see ¶ 17.5 for restrictions on use for materials acceptance.


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