SEMI MF1569 - Guide for Generation of Consensus Reference Materials for Semiconductor Technology -

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Revision: SEMI MF1569-0307 (Reapproved 0718) - Current



This Standard was technically approved by the Silicon Wafer Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on February 1, 2018. Available at and in July 2018; originally published by ASTM International as ASTM F1569-94; previously published May 2012.


This Guide covers the procedures for producing a single set of consensus reference materials (ConRefs) in the absence of suitable certified reference materials from an established source.


Such reference materials are frequently required for calibration of measurement systems to reduce bias differences between different organizations.


The generated ConRefs can be used by a single laboratory for internal use or for interlaboratory comparison of related equipment and materials.


Most often, however, they are used for replicating multiple sets of reference materials. In such a case, the property values of these reference materials are traceable to the values of the property value of the ConRefs. Depending on the nature of the preparing organization, these multiple sets may be certified reference materials or working reference materials. For this purpose, a guide for generation of reference materials specific to the materials and property may be required; Appendix 1 outlines the requirements for preparing a guide for generation of multiple sets of reference materials.


This Guide covers the steps to be taken to generate a set of ConRefs for a specific property or family of related properties required in semiconductor technology.


The procedure for generating the set of ConRefs is based on interlaboratory testing in accordance with ASTM E691. It is assumed for the purposes of this Guide that the test method evaluated by the interlaboratory study (ILS) is appropriate for determining the property values of the ConRef.


This Guide does not cover the selection of one of several possible test methods nor does it cover the case for which other reference materials must be used in the measurement of the properties of the ConRef.


This Guide also describes procedures that may be used to generate consensus property values that may form the basis for the generation of multiple sets of CRMs or reference materials (RMs).


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