SEMI P3 - Specification for Photoresist/E-Beam Resist for Hard Surface Photoplates

Volume(s): Microlithography
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

NOTICE: This Standard or Safety Guideline has an Inactive Status because the conditions to maintain Current Status have not been met. Inactive Standards or Safety Guidelines are available from SEMI and continue to be valid for use.


NOTICE: This Document was completely rewritten in 2008.


This Specification covers the general requirements on the photoresist and e-beam resist coating for hard surface photoplates. See SEMI P1 and SEMI P2 for requirements on physical characteristics of the photoplate substrate and the chrome coating on it.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI P1 — Specification for Hard Surface Photomask Substrates
SEMI P2 — Specification for Chrome Thin Films for Hard Surface Photomasks

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