P00900 - SEMI P9 - Guide for Functional Testing of Microelectronic Resists

Volume(s): Microlithography
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

The purpose of this Guide is to provide a baseline program of test procedures needed to functionally test liquid-developed resists, resist developers, and rinses for microelectronic applications. It can also be used as a guide to evaluate process modifications to such systems. This Guide is intended to be applicable for photo, DUV, X-ray, and electron beam processes.


Virtually all lithographic fabrication processes vary in some way from location to location, even for the same type of resist. Consequently, it is impossible to provide a stringent evaluation program acceptable to most users. It is, therefore, the aim of this Guide is to provide a program of tests and methods that allows variable, but controlled, process differences. In order to maintain a proper baseline control for each process, all tests should be run relative to some internal standard product whose functional characteristics are known and characterized. It is understood that each product is to be run at its own preferred or recommended conditions and that different products may be evaluated under different conditions. It should also be understood that some properties, variables, or conditions, such as normality, are specific to resist type, such as positive photoresist, and are to be used only where applicable. Further, since this guide is directed to functional testing, it is assumed that any products to be evaluated have passed all relevant chemical and physical testing before such functional testing.


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