SEMI P49 - Specification for Experimental Curvilinear Multigon Extension to SEMI P39 -

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Volume(s): Microlithography
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Revision: SEMI P49-0823 (Preliminary) - Current




NOTICE: This is a Preliminary Standard. Preliminary Standards are approved for publication by a single chapter of a technical global committee for information and comment prior to letter balloting for its adoption as a Full-consensus Standard. Preliminary Standards are published for a period of no more than two years, unless a publication extension is granted by the International Standards Committee. This Preliminary Standard will be removed from publication, and will no longer be available for purchase, during the August 2025 publication cycle. Suggestions for improvements should be submitted to the Microlithography Global Technical Committee or Standards staff.


The purpose of this Specification is to define an experimental record for SEMI P39 OASIS which is capable of describing curvilinear figures using splines. This Specification was drafted by the SEMI Curvilinear Format Task Force.


This Specification intends to reduce the size of OASIS files containing inverse lithography technology (ILT) figures, which can only be stored as piecewise linear polygons in an OASIS file. This is predicated on the assumption that storing spline control points instead of polygon vertex points will require fewer points to be stored for each figure, for a given standard of pattern fidelity.


This Specification enables interoperability between tools processing curvilinear figures, by providing a mechanism to pass spline-based figures from one tool to another without interpolation or information loss.


This Specification provides a basis for the task force participants to make a quantitative assessment of the degree of file size reduction that can be achieved through the use of this extension.


This extension defines a superset of SEMI P39 OASIS. Files created using this extension are, of necessity, incompatible with existing SEMI P39 OASIS readers.


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