Preventing Sexual & Workplace Harassment Bundle

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Course Description 

This bundle of four courses addresses a crucial issue in the workplace, respect. The four courses included in this bundle are:  Preventing Workplace Harassment for Employees, Preventing Workplace Harassment for Managers in the US, Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention for Managers in California, and Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers. Victims of harassment have well-established rights under federal law and, in many cases, under state and local law.  Employees and managers have an important responsibility to prevent harassment from taking place and discrimination. To meet that responsibility individuals need to know what harassment and discrimination are, what laws prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace and what you need to do to prevent and act upon workplace harassment, and how anti-discrimination policies within your organization will help you to do this.

The Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention for Manager in California course taken with the Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers course fulfills the California AB 1825 and AB 2053 requirements that employers of five or more employees educate supervisors about sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and abusive conduct every two years.


Course Objectives  

  • Describe the laws that prohibit workplace harassment.
  • State the legally "protected classes."
  • List the elements of a sound anti-harassment policy.
  • Provide definitions and examples of discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment.
  • Give examples of quid pro quo and hostile work environment
  • State the actions to take if you become aware of workplace harassment.
  • Discuss your role in preventing workplace harassment and promoting respectful behavior.
  • Identifies and explains the roles of managers related to sexual harassment. 
  • Familiarizes managers with federal laws and legal trends for sexual harassment. 
  • List methods for minimizing sexual harassment and resolving complaints.
  • Discusses California law regarding harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and abusive conduct. 

Course Duration

3.3 hours

Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians or any individual working directly with this equipment or product  

Requisite Knowledge