SEMI PV34 - Practice for Assigning Identification Numbers to PV Si Brick, Wafer and Solar Cell Manufacturers

Volume(s): Photovoltaic
Language: English
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This Standard was technically approved by the global Photovoltaic – Automation Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on December 20, 2012. Available at and in February 2013; originally published in July 2012.


Process and quality control for PV Si wafer and solar cell manufacturing requires marking the wafers or solar cells with code that uniquely identifies their origin and date of manufacturing.


Future legal requirements also may request such a code.


A unique identification of manufacturer and its location has to be part of this code.


This Practice intends to establish a system of identification numbers for the PV industry, similarly to the one that is well established in the semiconductor industry (SEMI AUX001).


This Practice covers the assignment of identification numbers for crystalline PV Si brick and wafers as well as Si solar cell manufacturers and their locations.


It does not cover module manufacturers, thin film solar cell manufacturers and PV concentrator manufacturers.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI AUX001 — List of Wafer Supplier Identification Codes
SEMI AUX025 — List of Identification Codes of Suppliers of Si Bricks, Si Wafers and Photovoltaic c-Si Solar Cells for Use in the PV Industry

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