PV04100 - SEMI PV41 - Test Method for In-Line, Noncontact Measurement of Thickness and Thickness Variation of Silicon Wafers for PV Applications Using Capacitive Probes

Volume(s): Photovoltaic
Language: English
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Wafer thickness and its variation across a wafer are important parameters for solar cell manufacturing. Excessive thickness variations within a lot from wafer to wafer or within a wafer may negatively impact process yield and solar cell efficiency.


Both parameters are part of the specification for solar cell wafers (SEMI PV22), which define a thickness range as well as an upper limit for the total thickness variation (TTV).


In addition, careful process and quality control of the wafer thickness and its variation during wafer and solar cell manufacturing requires continuous monitoring of thickness by the supplier of wafers for PV applications as well as by the user of such wafers.


Therefore a standardized test method providing reproducible data for thickness and its variation is required to establish agreement between business partners regarding the specification of wafers.


The present Document defines a noncontact, high throughput in-line method for measuring wafer thickness and its total variation using capacitive probes.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E89 — Guide for Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
SEMI M59 — Terminology for Silicon Technology
SEMI MF1569 — Guide for Generation of Consensus Reference Materials for Semiconductor Technology
SEMI PV22 —Specification for Silicon Wafers for Use as Photovoltaic Solar Cells

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