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Revision: SEMI PV56-1214 (Reapproved 0820) - Current



The purpose of this Standard is to standardize requirements of the test method for performance criteria of photovoltaic (PV) cells/modules package for transportation.


The photovoltaic industry, with crystalline silicon as a dominant segment, is expanding rapidly to meet growing renewable energy demands all over the world. Recent failure-rate analysis indicates that a large portion of the accelerated PV module qualification failures are related to the failure of the package itself. That is leading to the loss of cells during shipping. Damage of shipping caused PV cells/modules failure is one of the serious problems and is relative to 25 years reliability in the field.


The cell/module makers and buyers, or any other party interested, can thus have common standards to refer to when desired. This Standard also assists and certifies whether the PV cells/modules package is a good design before shipping.


The proposed Standard aims to develop criteria of PV cells/modules packages so that the industry can benefit from using a common and baseline specification. In order to simulate and consider all of the conditions, it shall include the handling, processing and transportation for some cartons of packaged cells or one unit pallet (see Figure 1) indoors and outdoors. This Test Method is based on the following scenarios, as appropriate.


Static loading for stacking cartons of cells/modules.

-        Handling and processing shipping cartons of cells/modules in a fab.

-        Inclined impact cartons by falling from a forklift truck or hand pallet truck.

-        Loading or unloading cartons with rope.

-        Improper operation of forklift truck; leads to cartons of cells/modules sliding along the inclined plane.

-        Transporting pallet cartons of cells/modules from fab to fab.


This Standard will describe:

-        Test method for basic transport shipment system and functional performance requirements.

-        Test method, measurement instruction and criteria for performance.

-        Performance criteria of cells/modules packaging previously not defined in the PV industry.

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