PV05900 - SEMI PV59 - Test Method for Determination of Total Carbon Content in Silicon Powder by Infrared Absorption After Combustion in an Induction Furnace

Volume(s): Photovoltaic
Language: English
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The purpose of this Test Method is to standardize analytical protocols for the determination of total carbon content in photovoltaic (PV) silicon raw materials which may affect the properties and performances of PV solar product or its processing. This will facilitate the comparison of test results among worldwide laboratories used for monitoring or qualifying PV silicon raw materials.

This Test Method can be used to analyze the total carbon content in silicon powder as the raw material for producing solar-grade polycrystalline silicon. It may also be used for determining the total carbon content in single and multicrystalline silicon wafers and slugs if they were broken into small pieces or powder without contamination.


The Test Method is for use with commercially available carbon analyzers which are based on combustion in an induction furnace principle and use infrared detector as the measuring technique.


The detection range of the method described is between 0.001% (m/m) and 1.0% (m/m).


Some impurities or carbon from a lower grade accelerator can affect the accuracy of analysis data. It is recommended to use only high purity accelerator.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)

SEMI PV17 — Specification for Virgin Silicon Feedstock Materials for Photovoltaic Applications


Revision History

SEMI PV59-0115 (Reapproved 0121)

SEMI PV59-0115 (first published)

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