SEMI PV73 - Test Method for Thin-Film Silicon Photovoltaic (PV) Modules Light Soaking -

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Revision: SEMI PV73-0216 (Withdrawn 0922) - Withdrawn



NOTICE: This Document was balloted and approved for withdrawal in 2022.

This Standard provides a performance test method for the initial light-induced degradation in thin-film silicon photovoltaic (PV) modules.

The current standard for stabilization in thin-film silicon PV modules is IEC 61646 (module output power <2% change after successive 43 kW/m2 exposure periods). According to the IEC standard, light soaking time less than 200 hours is usually sufficient for 1 kW/m2 intensity. However, stabilized power to be achieved in such a short time and the power will continue to degrade. Thus, longer light soaking time is necessary to determine the module’s stabilized output power.

Therefore, a standard test method for thin-film silicon PV modules is needed to obtain an accurate module stabilized output power value.

This Standard describes procedures for the measurement of initial light-induced degradation of thin-film silicon modules in simulated sunlight.

These test methods are applicable to thin-film silicon PV modules.

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Revision History
SEMI PV73-0216 (Withdrawn 0922)
SEMI PV73-0216 (first published)

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