PV07400 - SEMI PV74 - Test Method for the Measurement of Chlorine in Silicon by Ion Chromatography

Volume(s): Photovoltaic
Language: English
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The quality of polysilicon is very important for the user. More and more granular silicon is being produced and used to produce polysilicon for use in the photovoltaic industry. Research shows that more chlorine remains in granular silicon than in chunk silicon. Chlorine remaining in the silicon affects the quality. Thus, it is necessary to develop a method to measure the chlorine in silicon.

This Test Method can facilitate unification of protocols and test results among worldwide laboratories used for monitoring or qualifying chlorine in silicon.

This Standard provides a test method for measuring the chlorine in silicon by ion chromatography (IC).

This Test Method can be used for various rod, chunk, granule, and chip sizes for polysilicon to determine the chlorine content. Forms of silicon other than granular need to be pulverized, in particle size range of 200 to 3000 µm. The detection limit for routine analysis is 1.0 ppmw.

The relative units ppbw and ppmw are used for impurity concentration values in this Test Method. For conversion to other units, see SEMI AUX022.

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Revision History

SEMI PV74-0216 (Reapproved 0221)

SEMI PV74-0216 (first published)

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