SEMI S3 - 製程液體加熱系統安全基準

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: Chinese (Traditional
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製程液體加熱系統安全基準 目的 此份安全基準的目的是為半導體及面板工業中改變或維持製程液體溫度的加熱系統之設計及文件提供最基本的一般安全考量。 此份安全基準提供數種使製程液體加熱系統 (PLHS)風險不超過低的標準(定義於SEMI S10和SEMI S14)的方法。然而,選擇使用何種方法並非決定此文件符合性的標準。 此份安全基準為許多常見的製程液體加熱系統構造提供一個安全功能規定表。同時也提供這些安全功能的設計及成效標準。製程液體加熱系統符合規定的安全功能清冊和設計及表現標準意味著可使風險不超過低的標準(定義於SEMI S10和SEMI S14)。也因而符合這份安全基準的要求。 亦可經由設計PLHS時選擇及設計安全功能並低於規定要求之設備風險,來達到符合此安全基準。如評估利用SEMI S10和SEMI S14及考量此文件中所討論之危害。 註1:第二種證明符合安全基準的方法是提供方式證明PLHS構造沒有被列在在安全功能規定表之中,或是被列在安全功能規定表之中,但使用替代方法使風險不超過低的標準(在SEMI S10和 SEMI S14中定義)。


This standard was technically approved by the global Environmental, Health & Safety Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits & Reviews Subcommittee on November 29, 2005. It was available at in February 2006. Originally published in 1991.


NOTICE: This document, as balloted, is intended to replace S3-91 in its entirety.


The purpose of this Safety Guideline is to provide minimum general safety considerations for the design and documentation of heating systems used for changing or maintaining the temperatures of process liquids used in semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing. This Safety Guideline provides several means of achieving a level of Risk no greater than Low for process liquid heating systems (PLHS). The choice of which means is used is not, however, a criterion for determining conformance with this document. For several common PLHS configurations, this Safety Guideline provides a prescriptive list of safety features to be incorporated in the PLHS. Design and performance criteria for those safety features are also provided. A PLHS that conforms to both the prescriptive list of safety features and the design and performance criteria for those safety features is presumed to achieve a risk level of no greater than Low (as defined by SEMI S10 and SEMI S14) and, thereby, conforms to this Safety Guideline. Conformance with this Safety Guideline may also be achieved by designing a PLHS and incorporating safety features that are selected, designed, and perform such that the risk of the equipment is no greater than Low, as assessed using SEMI S10 and SEMI S14 and considering the hazards discussed within this document.


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