SEMI S5 - Safety Guideline for Sizing and Identifying Flow Limiting Devices for Gases -

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Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
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Revision: SEMI S5-1121 - Current



The purpose of this Safety Guideline is to provide information and methods related to flow limiting devices (FLDs) that limit the rate of release of hazardous gases during transportation, storage, and use.

This Safety Guideline pertains to FLDs for hazardous gases. These devices are intended to limit the flow rate of uncontrolled releases of gases at or downstream of the FLDs.


This Safety Guideline pertains to FLDs operating at critical flow rates that result from the ratio of the pressure upstream of the FLD to the pressure downstream of the FLD being at least the critical pressure ratio.


This Safety Guideline provides a method of identifying FLDs by size.


This Safety Guideline provides methods for calculating the approximate maximum and minimum flow rates of several gases, and their mixtures, through such devices.


This Safety Guideline provides a method for selecting the size FLD for an application, based on the gas and the needed flow.


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Revision History

SEMI S5-1121 (technical revision)

SEMI S5-0616 (technical revision)

SEMI S5-0310 (complete rewrite)

SEMI S5-0703 (complete rewrite)

SEMI S5-93 (first published)

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