SEMI S7 - 半導體製造設備的安全衛生及環保評估報告之安全基準

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: Chinese (Traditional
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半導體製造設備的安全衛生及環保評估報告之安全基準 目的 此文件的目的是提供基準給設備製造適或供應商,評估者和使用者,以闡釋責任並確保設計和設備的客觀性之評。 在選擇半導體製造設備時,勞工安全的保護和符合環境法規是重要的準則。基本的期望是設備製造商會設計並建造固有地安全(對操作員、設施和環境)設備並且提供文件,證明設備已根據一系列特定準則評估,並確認相符。 基於各種理由,包括:操作員安全、設備可靠度、符合管制法規(例如:OSHA, EPA,當地的防火和建築法規)和保險的要求,安全評估是重要的。這些要求使我們要確保一個安全而且對環境負責的工作場所.


The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to the equipment manufacturer or supplier, the evaluator, and the user to define responsibilities and to ensure the objective evaluation of designs and equipment. Preservation of employee safety and conformance to environmental regulations are important criteria when selecting semiconductor manufacturing equipment. A basic expectation is that the equipment manufacturer will design and build inherently safe (to the operator, facility, and environment) equipment and will provide documentation that the equipment has been evaluated against a specific set of criteria, verifying conformance thereto. A safety evaluation is important for a variety of reasons, including: operator safety, equipment reliability, conformance to regulatory (e.g., OSHA, EPA, local fire and building codes) and insurance requirements. These are intended to ensure a safe and environmentally responsible workplace.


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