SEMI S8 - 半導體製造設備人因工程之安全基準

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: Chinese (Traditional
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

半導體製造設備人因工程之安全基準 目的 本基準係在提供半導體製造設備人因工程的設計原理及考量事項。 本基準的用意在於增進製造環境中使用者與設備之間的相容性。下列一般原理係人因工程設計及設備考量中不可或缺的一部分: 設備應採分工設計,以發揮最大的安全效果。分工應包含硬體、軟體及使用者的分工,以發揮個別最大能力,並將限制及危險降至最低。適當的分工也可讓效能最佳化。 設備在設計上應符合使用者預期的操作方式,以期將錯誤及事故機率降至最低。 設備的設計應符合使用者族群的體型、力量及活動範圍等特性,以減少疲乏及傷害,且此類設計亦可增進任務效能.


This safety guideline was technically approved by the global Environmental Health & Safety Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits & Reviews Subcommittee on November 21, 2006. It was available at in February 2007. Originally published in 1995; previously published July 2005.


E This standard was editorially modified in October 2007 to correct an error. Changes were made to Table R7-1, Figure 9.2.1.


These guidelines provide ergonomics design principles and considerations for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The purpose of these guidelines is to promote compatibility between the user and the equipment in the manufacturing environment. The following general principles are integral to the ergonomics design and evaluation of equipment: The equipment should be designed to optimize safety by distributing tasks. Tasks should be distributed among hardware, software, and users to make the best use of their respective capabilities and to minimize limitations and hazards. Appropriate distribution of tasks will also optimize performance. Equipment should be designed to minimize potential for errors and mishaps, by conforming to users’ expectations. The equipment design should reduce fatigue and injury by fitting the equipment to the expected body size, strength, and range of motion characteristics of the user population. Such design will also facilitate task performance.


Referenced SEMI Standards

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