SEMI S8 - Safety Guideline for Ergonomics Engineering of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

NOTICE: The official values in this Safety Guideline are expressed in The International System of Units (SI). Values that:

• are expressed in inch-pound (also known as ‘US Customary’ or ‘English’) units,

• are enclosed in parentheses, and

• directly follow values expressed in SI units

are not official, are provided for reference only, and might not be exact conversions of the SI values.

NOTICE: Paragraphs entitled ‘NOTE’ are not an official part of this Safety Guideline and are not intended to modify or supersede the official Safety Guideline. These have been supplied by the committee to enhance the usage of the Safety Guideline.

These Safety Guidelines provide ergonomics design principles and considerations for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The purpose of these Safety Guidelines is to promote compatibility between the user and the equipment in the manufacturing environment. The following general principles are integral to the ergonomics design and evaluation of equipment:

- The equipment should be designed to optimize safety by distributing tasks. Tasks should be distributed among hardware, software, and users to make the best use of their respective capabilities and to minimize limitations and hazards. Appropriate distribution of tasks will also optimize performance.

- Equipment should be designed to minimize potential for errors and mishaps, by conforming to users’ expectations.

- The equipment design should reduce fatigue and injury by fitting the equipment to the expected body size, strength, and range of motion characteristics of the user population. Such design will also facilitate task performance.

The guidelines address safety aspects of ergonomics engineering in the design of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It should be noted that in order to ensure comprehensive coverage of potential safety hazards, some guidelines also address general design goals for effective human-machine performance. The guidelines apply to the design, operation, maintenance, and service of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, as well as, to a limited extent, equipment installation (see ¶ 7.3).

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E95 — Specification for Human Interface for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S2 — Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S10 — Safety Guideline for Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation Process

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