SEMI S10 - Safety Guideline for Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation Process -

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Revision: SEMI S10-0423E - Current



E This Safety Guideline was editorially modified in December 2023 to add Note 9 and to correct a processing error. Changes were made to §§ 6.1.3,,, and

The primary purpose of this Safety Guideline is to define a consistent means of risk estimation which can be invoked by other SEMI Safety Guidelines.


A secondary purpose of this Safety Guideline is to describe, generally, several other aspects of risk assessment (e.g., assembling information and personnel, hazard identification) and of risk control (e.g., risk evaluation and risk reduction).


This Safety Guideline provides a procedure for carrying out risk assessments on equipment in the semiconductor and similar industries and is intended for use by suppliers and purchasers as a reference for EHS considerations.


This Safety Guideline is also intended to assist in the development of strategies to prioritize and control risks.

This Safety Guideline is intended to apply to the assessment of risks throughout the lifecycle of equipment.

This Safety Guideline may also be applied to processes or facilities.

This Safety Guideline provides recommendations for assembling information and personnel for risk estimation.

This Safety Guideline describes the hazard identification process.

This Safety Guideline defines a process and specific criteria for risk estimation.

This Safety Guideline describes the risk evaluation and risk reduction processes.


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Revision History

SEMI S10-0423E (editorial revision)

SEMI S10-0423 (technical revision)

SEMI S10-1119 (technical revision)

SEMI S10-0815E (editorial revision)

SEMI S10-0815 (technical revision)

SEMI S10-0215 (technical revision)

SEMI S10-0115 (technical revision)

SEMI S10-0307E (editorial revision)

SEMI S10-0307 (technical revision)

SEMI S10-1103 (complete rewrite)

SEMI S10-1296 (first published)

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