SEMI S11 - 半導體製造設備微環境之安全及衛生基準 -

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Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: Chinese (Traditional
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Revision: SEMI S11-1296 (Withdrawn 1106) - Withdrawn - Historical



半導體製造設備微環境之安全及衛生基準 目的 此等基準用於半導體製造微環境之最低限度要求,係以環境、衛生和安全等績效為考量之基礎。 這些基準是要用來做為SEMI S2(參見第3.1節)的補充用


These guidelines are intended as a minimum set of performance-based environmental, health, and safety considerations for minienvironments used in semiconductor manufacturing. These guidelines are intended to be a supplement to SEMI S2. These guidelines apply to minienvironments used in the manufacturing, metrology, assembly, and testing of semiconductor products. Equipment enclosed by, or used in conjunction with, the minienvironments is addressed separately by SEMI S2. Examples are process tools and exhaust emissions abatement devices. For "integrated minienvironments," only the minienvironment enclosure portion is addressed by these guidelines.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI S2 — Safety Guidelines for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S8 — Safety Guidelines for Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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