SEMI S14 - Safety Guideline for Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment -

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Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
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Revision: SEMI S14-0521 - Current



This Safety Guideline provides considerations to the manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment that will assist them in assessing and mitigating the risk to equipment and product associated with fire and combustion by-products.


Although this Safety Guideline is written in the form of an assessment tool, it is intended for use throughout the design and development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


This Safety Guideline may also be used by the users of such equipment and by other interested parties to assess and compare the described risks of various equipment designs or in the design and evaluation of ancillary equipment or modifications.


This Safety Guideline is not intended to specify which techniques (e.g., selection of materials or detection systems) are to be used to mitigate fire risk. These guidelines do, however, recommend that the traditional risk management hierarchy of elimination, engineering controls, administrative controls, warning and work practices be followed.


The appropriate application of this Safety Guideline will result in a report which identifies, analyzes and assesses residual fire risks.

This Safety Guideline applies to equipment used to manufacture, measure, assemble, and test semiconductor products which is intended to be located in clean-rooms used for semiconductor manufacturing processes or areas within their recirculation airstream. They apply to all of the components of the equipment, as described herein.


This Safety Guideline applies to fire risks originating within the subject equipment that may result in damage to it, other equipment, products, or the facility.


This Safety Guideline identifies considerations for assessing the fire risk of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, means of categorizing the risks, and means of mitigating the risks.


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Revision History

SEMI S14-0521 (technical revision)

SEMI S14-1016 (technical revision)

SEMI S14-0309 (technical revision)

SEMI S14-0704 (technical revision)

SEMI S14-1103 (technical revision)

SEMI S14-1102 (technical revision)

SEMI S14-0200E (editorial revision)

SEMI S14-0200 (first published)

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