S01700 - SEMI S17 - Safety Guideline for Unmanned Transport Vehicle (UTV) Systems

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Safety Guideline is intended as a set of safety considerations for unmanned transport vehicle (UTV) system. UTV system is used to automate the movement of material within semiconductor or flat panel display (FPD) factories or laboratories. UTV system includes both floor traveling vehicle (FTV) system and overhead traveling vehicle (OTV) system.


This Safety Guideline applies to UTV and UTV system used in semiconductor or FPD manufacturing.


This Safety Guideline addresses both floor traveling and overhead traveling UTV and UTV system. FTV system includes automated guided vehicle (AGV) system and rail guided vehicle (RGV) system. OTV system includes overhead shuttle (OHS) system and overhead hoist transport (OHT) system.


Evaluations for conformance to this Document should be conducted on all UTV and UTV system including separate items such as rails, control panels, power panels, lifter of OHT or OHS from maintenance/service space, and any other type of equipment necessary for operation, maintenance or service of the UTVs.


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