S02300 - SEMI S23 - Guide for Conservation of Energy, Utilities and Materials Used by Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

E This Standard was editorially modified in February 2022 to correct several sections. Changes were made to § 6, Table A1-3, and Table A1-4.

This Guide addresses concepts related to energy, utilities, and materials use efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME).


This Guide is intended to be a tool that can be used to analyze energy, utilities, and materials use by SME.


This Guide also addresses measurements related to energy, utilities, and materials use in SME.


This Guide also addresses continuous improvement planning for energy, utilities, and materials use in SME in order to promote efficiency.


This Guide is a series of options and instructions intended to increase awareness of the reader to available techniques in the area of energy, utilities, and materials use efficiency. A particular course of action is suggested for energy, utilities, and materials use measurement and conversion of use measurements into equivalent energy.

This Guide describes methods for reporting energy, utilities, and material use rate and efficiency improvement in SME.


This Guide also suggests use of energy equivalent values in order to facilitate quantification of overall energy consumption related to SME as well as planning of energy efficiency improvement.


Additionally, this Guide describes setting targets for, verifying, and improving the use or efficiency of utilities, materials, or energy.


This Guide addresses the process, idle, rest, and sleep modes of the use stage of the SME life cycle.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)

SEMI E6 — Guide for Semiconductor Equipment Installation Documentation

SEMI E10 — Specification for Definition and Measurement of Equipment Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) and Utilization

SEMI S2 — Environment, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Revision History

SEMI S23-1021E (editorial revision)

SEMI S23-1021 (technical revision)

SEMI S23-1216E (editorial revision)

SEMI S23-1216 (complete rewrite)

SEMI S23-0813 (technical revision)

SEMI S23-0311 (technical revision)

SEMI S23-0708 (technical revision)

SEMI S23-0705 (technical revision)

SEMI S23-0305 (first published)

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