S02500 - SEMI S25 - Safety Guideline for Hydrogen Peroxide Storage & Handling Systems

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

The purpose of this Safety Guideline is to set out the minimum safety and health criteria to be applied to equipment and systems for storage and handling of hydrogen peroxide in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries.


This Safety Guideline addresses concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) commonly used in the semiconductor and FPD industries (i.e., concentrations below 40% w/w).


This Safety Guideline is focused on the storage, handling, transfer, and distribution of hydrogen peroxide within the semiconductor or flat panel display facility.


This Safety Guideline includes the following sections:

  • Purpose (§ 1)
  • Scope (§ 2)
  • Limitations (§ 3)
  • Referenced Standards and Documents (§ 4)
  • Terminology (§ 5)
  • Safety Philosophy (§ 6)
  • General Principles (§ 7)
  • Education and Training (§ 8)
  • Emergency Response (§ 9)
  • Materials, Components and Construction (§ 10)
  • Storage (§ 11)
  • Operations (§ 12)
  • Distribution Systems and Modules/Auxiliary Equipment (§ 13)


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI S2 — Environmental, Health and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S10 — Safety Guideline for Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation Process

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