Semiconductor Chemical Safety Part 4: Hazardous Gases and Control Systems (US)

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Course Description 

Hazardous gases used in semiconductor fabrication facilities are typically stored outside of the manufacturing area and piped into the processing equipment. An accidental release of any gas could cause injury or death. In this course, you will learn about the gases used, the hazards they pose, and the controls used to protect workers. Ideal learners are semiconductor employees.

Course Objectives 

  • Recall the characteristics of chemical hazard categories.
  • Identify the characteristics of hazardous gases used in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Know the physical hazards of compressed gases and the precautions to be used.
  • Categorize gases.
  • Recognize common controls and determine their use.
  • Recall procedures for emergencies involving hazardous gas releases.

Course Duration 

17 minutes

Target Audience 

Managers, engineers, and technicians working in the semiconductor field 

Requisite Knowledge: