Semiconductor Manufacture

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Course Description 

This course builds upon the foundational knowledge of the semiconductor industry, by discussing the structure of the industry and production processes.  As you complete this course, you'll learn about wafer production, front-end and back-end processing, and silicon chip production.  Learning about these concepts will provide you with more knowledge on how semiconductors are created. This course includes knowledge check questions, visuals, animations, and videos to help keep you engaged in the learning process. 


Course Objectives 

  • Identify the steps of wafer production.
  • Explain the components of a fab structure.
  • Recognize what happens in back-end operations.
  • Summarize the steps of integrated circuit manufacturing.


Course Duration

35 minutes


Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, technical and non-technical personnel or any individual working directly with this equipment or product  


Requisite Knowledge