T00300 - SEMI T3 - Specification for Wafer Box Labels

Volume(s): Traceability
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Specification provides a common format, content, size, and location for printed, machine-readable labels on wafer boxes to facilitate communication of data essential for advanced traceability and electronic data exchange systems. These labels differ from those used in common commercial practice in that they provide less detailed information about parametric properties of the wafer. Such information is now readily stored in advanced traceability systems.


This Specification covers labels that contain two bar code symbols and their associated human-readable interpretation.


This Specification also covers a two-dimensional Data Matrix code symbol that can accommodate substantially more information than can the bar code symbols. This symbol is included to provide for a smooth transition from existing traceability and labeling procedures to the comprehensive, unified system envisioned for the future in which common reading equipment can be used throughout the plant. If the Data Matrix symbol is used without the bar code symbols, provision is made for an associated human readable interpretation.


Labels provided in accordance with this Specification satisfy the special requirements of 300 mm Wafer Shipping Systems, detailed in SEMI M45, for both front opening shipping box (FOSB) labels and bag labels.


This Specification covers size, message content and symbology requirements of labels for wafer boxes used for storage and transport of silicon wafers 100 mm in diameter and larger.


For wafer boxes used with 100 to 200 mm diameter wafers, this Specification provides for two similar labels in order that the contents of the wafer box can be identified when the wafer box is stored in either of two positions: with the side of the wafer box parallel with the front of the storage shelf or with the end of the wafer box parallel with the front of the storage shelf. Because wafer boxes are routinely stacked for storage, placement of box labels on the top or bottom of the box is not recommended.


For FOSBs used with 300 mm wafers, this Specification provides for two identical labels, one to be placed on the FOSB and the other to be placed on the outer bag. These requirements are consistent with the requirements of SEMI M45. SEMI M31 specifies FOSB dimensions.


The message content and locations of the symbols used on the labels covered by this Specification are designed to fit in a space consistent with size of the available flat area on wafer boxes investigated. If a larger flat area is available on the wafer boxes to be used, the label size may be increased and additional message content included.


This Specification includes descriptions of the characteristics of the code formats to be employed.


The labels covered by this Specification may be applied on the box itself, and on the box wrap portion of the wafer package, but not on the transport package (outer shipping carton) used for commercial transportation of wafer packages. 


The format of the barcode is based on Code 39, as specified in ISO/IEC 16388.


The format of the Data Matrix Code is specified in ISO/IEC 16022.


Wafer box labels are intended to be applied in a cleanroom environment concurrent with the completion of production of the wafers. Although it is recognized that the materials of construction and the adhesives used to apply the label must be selected with this use in mind, their specification is beyond the scope of this document.


The dimensions in this specification are applicable to labels printed with printers that have nominal resolution of 203 dots per inch (dpi). Printers with higher resolution may be used, but many of the dimensions may differ from those in this specification and the code fields may or may not fit within the specified label size and format. In such cases, the user of this specification must ensure that the label is of a size that fits the box to be employed.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI M1 — Specifications for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers
SEMI M12 — Specification for Serial Alphanumeric Marking of the Front Surface of Wafers
SEMI M13 — Specification for Alphanumeric Marking of Silicon Wafers

SEMI M31 — Mechanical Specification for Front-Opening Shipping Box Used to Transport and Ship 300 mm Wafers
SEMI M45 —Specification for 300 mm Wafer Shipping System
SEMI T7 — Specification for Back-surface Marking of Double-side Polished Wafers with a Two-Dimensional Data Matrix Code Symbol

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