T01200 - SEMI T12 - Specification for Tracing Jigs and Implements

Volume(s): Traceability
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This standard was technically approved by the global Traceability Committee and is the direct responsibility of the Japanese Traceability Committee. Current edition approved by the Japanese Regional Standards Committee on November 24, 2004. Initially available at www.semi.org January 2005. Originally published March 2004; previously published July 2004.


NOTICE: The designation of SEMI T12 was updated during the 0710 publishing cycle to reflect the reapproval of SEMI T12.1.


Semiconductor production equipment may use Jigs and/or Implements to produce semiconductor devices. Some case such important conditions as quality of products and tool performance may depend on Jigs or Implements. This difference often comes from such historical events as processing cycles, processing products, stocking environment. To make sure correlation between the conditions and the events tracing Jigs and Implements is required.


Purpose of this document is to establish concept to trace Jigs and/or Implements used on equipment for processing material and make sure required information, communications and services to realize the concept.


Scope of this specification includes management of required information on equipment. Because a specific piece of jig may be used on other equipment, usually same type and/or same supplier, information transfer between equipment and factory host computer is also in the scope of this specification.


Such physical issues mark position and mark readers are out of scope, for this specification treats just tracing information, communication of it and logical management. The physical specification may be standardized separately.


As long as management on this specification and above requirement is expected on an equipment, the equipment is in the scope regardless of the type of process or type of equipment.


But if Jigs and/or Implements for certain type of equipment have been already traced or managed complying with existing standard or along with some specification conventionally, they are out of scope of this specification. But this specification can be applied even to such jigs and tools if user and/or suppliers want.


Because this specification describes just base functionalities to realize the traceability, applications of the functionalities including checking or management of counterfeits are out of scope.


Subordinate Standards:

SEMI T12.1-0704 (Reapproved 0710) — Specification for SECS Protocol for Tracking Jigs and Implements

SEMI T12.2-1105 — Specification for XML Protocol for Tracking Jigs and Implements


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E5 — SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II)
SEMI E30 — Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)
SEMI E39 — Object Service Standard: Concepts, Behavior, and Services

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