The IT Revolution

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Course Description 

This course dives into the impact that the evolution of the information technology has had on the semiconductor industry. As you complete this course, you'll learn about general market trends happening currently, the futuristic outlook of the field, and the influence that microelectronics has had in the marketplace. by learning about technological advances, you can enhance your understanding of the major influences in that the industry is currently facing. In addition, this course includes instructor-led videos, visual animations, and knowledge checks with the intention of keeping you engaged in your learning experience.  This is the final course in the Silicon Chip Industry Awareness series, it is not a requirement for you to complete all of the previous courses prior to taking this one. 


Course Objectives 

  • Acknowledge what influences the evolution of the industry.
  • Review industry trends that will impact the future.
  • Explain the cycles of the semiconductor field.


Course Duration

50 minutes


Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, technical and non-technical personnel or any individual working directly with this equipment or product  


Requisite Knowledge