Why Incident Management Matters (EN) - Curriculum

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Curriculum Description 

Take this course curriculum to discover how our incident management suite can help YOU make your workplace safer for EVERYONE. In this curriculum, we will cover the following topics listed below.

Part 1 - Why Incident Management Matters Introduction

Part 2 - Inspections and Observations

Part 3 - Giving and Receiving Feedback

Part 4 - What If? Mentality

Part 5 - Reporting (Data Entry)

Part 6 - Continuously Improve for Safety Excellence

Part 7 -Incident Investigation

Part 8 - Culture of Early Reporting

Part 9 - Tasks and Corrective Actions

Part 10 - Trending and Analysis

Curriculum Objectives 

  • Define incident management suite.
  • Know what to do after an inspection and observation.
  • Know the characteristics of valuable reports.
  • Recognize how quality management tools can improve occupational health and safety performance.
  • Know how to structure adequate hazard controls.
  • Recognize the characteristics of effective feedback.
  • Define concepts and terms associated with incident investigation.
  • Recognize the importance of measuring the effectiveness of incident management systems.

Curriculum Duration

158 minutes

Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, or any individual working directly with this equipment or product  

Requisite Knowledge