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SEMI provides experienced professionals and newcomers to the global semiconductor industry with best-in-class technical and business training. The SEMI University curriculum includes more than 360 on-demand courses with topics covering front-end and back-end manufacturing operations, principles of chip design, workplace safety, technology trends and more. Along with extensive content from our events and webinars, SEMI has partnered with established content providers such as Semitracks and UL Solutions to rapidly deliver semiconductor training, knowledge and information to advance your career and business as well as the industry.

METIS Courses

Free courses available from the METIS Program.

443 products

Semiconductor Electrical Safety Bundle (Chinese)
Preventing Slips & Falls Bundle
Preventing Slips & Falls Bundle Sale price$356.00 USD
General Workplace Safety Bundle (Japanese)
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) (EN) - Curriculum
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (EN) - Curriculum
Environmental Responsibility (ZH) - Curriculum
Workplace Violence Prevention
Workplace Violence Prevention Sale price$35.95 USD
Workplace Safety Awareness
Workplace Safety Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Welding, Cutting and Brazing: Methods
Welding, Cutting and Brazing Awareness
Semiconductor Electrical Safety Part 3: Implementing Electrical Safety (US)
Safety Everywhere: Staying Safe on Two Wheels
Preventing Back Injury
Preventing Back Injury Sale price$35.95 USD
Latex Allergy Awareness
Latex Allergy Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Lab Safety Awareness
Lab Safety Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Lab Safety (Japanese) 実験室の安全性
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) (Chinese) 工作危害分析 (JHA)
Infection Control - Handwashing
Infection Control Handwashing Sale price$35.95 USD
Hexavalent Chromium
Hexavalent Chromium Sale price$35.95 USD
HAZMAT Transportation Awareness (US) (Chinese) 认识危险物品运输(US)
Hazardous Chemical Information (Korean) 유해화학물질 정보
Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety
Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety Sale price$35.95 USD
Hand and Power Tool Safety (Chinese) 手动和动力工具安全
First Aid Awareness
First Aid Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Electrical Arc Flash Awareness
Electrical Arc Flash Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Dust Mask - Voluntary Use Guidelines
Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts
Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts Sale price$35.95 USD
Defensive Driving - Small Vehicles
Defensive Driving Small Vehicles Sale price$35.95 USD
Chlorine Awareness
Chlorine Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Blasting Area Awareness
Blasting Area Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Benzene Safety (US)
Benzene Safety (US) Sale price$35.95 USD
Ammonia Awareness
Ammonia Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Egress and Emergency Action Plans (Chinese) 疏散和紧急行动计划
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 7: Loading Dock Operations (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート7:ローディングドックでの運転
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 6: Picking Up and Placing Loads (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート6:荷物の取り下ろしと積み付け
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 5: Preventing Incidents (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート5:事故の防止
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 4: Fueling and Charging (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート4:燃料補給と充電
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 3: Operational Inspection and Maintenance (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート3:運転点検とメンテナンス
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 2: Pre-Operation Inspection (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート2:運転前点検
Powered Industrial Trucks Part 1: Classes and Types (Japanese) 動力付き産業トラックパート1:クラスと種類
Confined Space Hazards (Chinese) 密闭空间的危害
First Aid - Basics (Korean) 응급처치 - 기초 지식
Fall Protection (Korean) 낙하방지
Confined Spaces: Permit-Required (Korean) 밀폐 공간: 허가 필수
Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) (Korean) 혈행성 병원균(BBP)
Why Incident Management Matters Introduction (Chinese) 事件管理重要性课程简介
Office Ergonomics Essentials (Chinese) 办公室人体工程学概要
Housekeeping on the Job (Chinese) 工作中的内务管理
Construction Safety Orientation (Chinese) 建筑安全指导
Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) (Chinese) 血源性病原体 (BBP)

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